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Sorry for the really late post guys.
My boyfriend's uncle came to visit for like a week so I had to be a tour guide! 
(Also, had to touch up my roots and hair colour before he came so read all about it here:

It was actually a pretty fun week but nonetheless, back to blogging! (or at least, whenever I'm free)

I was actually pretty impatient for my June box because it's my last as I've decided to stop all beauty box subscriptions. I've got way too many sample-sized products to use up now.

Just as I'm about to quit, they really made it a hard decision for me because I personally feel that it's a really great box!
This month (well, last month) we got all full-sized products.
That's right guys, 5 full-sized products and they're all great!

So as usual, every box comes with a card, with the back of it having a description of all the products included. 
This month's theme is Head Over Heels.

For the June box, we were allowed to choose the shade of our lipstick. I chose nude, of course.

Teeez Trend Cosmetics Eve's Ready To Wear Lipstick - Classy Caramel (RRP $32)
The colour is really nude and has a slightly orange tone to it. I absolutely love it. It's officially my go-to lipstick right now. 
It's got wild mango, which adds to the rich formula of the lipstick and nourishes, hydrates and repairs cracked or dry lips. 
For me, that definitely works as I don't even have to put on lip balm before I put it on, which is what I usually have to do. 

NAK Thermal Shield (RRP $25.95)
This works pretty well for me. I loved it, especially cause I was already running out of the heat protectant that I was previously using.
It helps to combat frizz by resisting humidity which is good because I tend to have really frizzy hair at times.
This product keeps my hair soft and smooth even after blow-drying, so hey, can't say no to that.

Chapstick Hydration Lock (RRP $4.99)
This is actually a dual action hydration lock, which means it has two sides.
First, is the Hydration side which soothes the lips,
Next, the Moisture Lock which locks in moisture for up to 8 hours.
I'm already using it every day.
It's winter right now in Australia and my lips get really dry and start to crack.
This chapstick really really helps in keeping it moist and smooth all day long.
Love it!
Sadly, it doesn't really have a scent, which can be a buzz kill cause you know how I like things that smell good.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Peppermint Foot Mask (RRP $24.95)
This foot mask is perfect for winter time!
It's packed with pure peppermint and tea tree.
It has a really cooling effect to it and keeps my feet feeling really smooth.
Even my boyfriend notices how smooth my feet are ;)

The Cosmetic Kitchen Wake Up Body Scrub (RRP $29.95)
The key to smooth skin, is to exfoliate. 
& this product is perfect for that!
It's a mix of raw sugars, organic coffee and alkalising salts that are infused with pink organic clay and pure essential oils.
It smells absolutely wonderful! Almost good enough to eat!

What I love most about products from The Cosmetic Kitchen is that all their products are cruelty free, vegan and most of all, Australian!

Well, that's all for the Lust Have It June 2015 beauty box review. 
Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I've got so yeah. 
Thanks for reading and have a nice day guys!

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